Virtual Europe LBW, 9-14 August 2020. Due the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic the world has been severely affected with many events across Europe cancelled. For safety reasons Kronberg has been cancelled in 2020. David Crye has put forward this Virtual Europe LBW. Purpose 1. LBW people to connect together in 2020 due there is no physical event. Purpose 2. LBW people to learn about Linux, or at least Open Source, Video Conferencing software by programming or use. We can view this year as a trial exercise where we learn about what works, what part works and what collapses in a big heap that needs a lot more work or throw it out. Purpose 3. LBW people operate reliable Video Conferencing at future physical LBW events. From experience we gain this year of what is reliable equipment we can have a year to plan for we can run Video Conferencing for Lectures Quiz etc at future physical events. All times will be Central European Time.

Time since the LBW ended: 3 years, 11 months

There were 7 registrations, totalling 7 adults and 1 child registered.

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