Organised by
Uwe Geuder
I am not interested to go to Bozen tomorrow so I had to come up with some alternative activity. I intend to take the bus up to Jaufenhaus. I understand many people have arrived via that route, but I have arrived and will depart through Bozen, so Jaufen would remain unseen. Up there one can either state within 10 minutes that there is nothing to see and take the same bus down again. Or wander / sit around for 4 hours and take the next bus down. I understand tracks up there might be a bit more challenging, so I don't intend to do any big hiking. I intend to take the second bus of the day, leaving from Schwimmbad/Lido 09:06 CEST. However, the weather forecast looks bad for the morning and better for the afternoon so I might change that to the third bus of the day leaving for Schwimmbad/Lido at 13:06 CEST. I don't expect huge participation, especially with the short notice. So this is more like a FYI than a RFP (participation). Just to make sure that no other non-Ötzi complains later, if you only had told me, I would have joined... If there is the need for short time sync (especially related to the weather in the morning), please SMS or call on +358 40 5797200. I might not read email in the morning before that somewhat unfriendly departure time.
This activity is currently scheduled for:
Aug. 16, 2017, 9 a.m. - Aug. 16, 2017, 3 p.m.