Technical Talks
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David Crye
What will be the subject of John Carrick-Smith half-hour presentation ? What is David Crye building on Spark Fun solderable breadboards ? Why has David Crye built a four DC-DC converters test bed for Julian R ? What is Julian Ross building for a house in Cornwall ? Why has Dave Brooke installed a second, and bigger, satellite dish ? How is Dave Brooke using Linux on many Raspberry Pi computers? What are all those small boards Julia Freeman is building as seen on LBW Telegram ? What method will Julia Freeman use to document her new home Amsterdam network ? What have Andy, Johan, John C-S and Dave B. learnt about Solar Photo Voltaic installations ? What has Dave Cantrell been Perl (?) programming while in Lockdown ? How has Henrik Levkowetz installed and operated a ground source heating system in his back garden? You could find out the answers and more by joining in this Technical Talks community activity. What have you built this year and why?
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Aug. 12, 2020, 6 p.m. - Aug. 13, 2020, midnight
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Jan Kristek