Bier Talks
Organised by
Liam Bedford
Most LBW people at home so look at their home brewing apparatus. Any of the following questions could be answered. Brewing Bier 1. How is your equipment built and set up ? 2. Single, dual, or three phase electric heating ? (or other heating ?) 3. Is there a Raspberry Pi using Linux which is controlling the system ? 4. What ingredients are you using ? 5. What is the % alcohol of your Bier ? 6. What is the brew time ? 7. What is the power consumption used over the brew time? 8. Can you give a live talk using your webcam for a guided tour of your system ? Drinking Bier you ordered in 9. What have you ordered in ? 10. Where did you order it from ? 11. What does it taste like compared to a can of quiz booby prize "Spesh" ? Followed by General Chat.
This activity is currently scheduled for:
June 24, 2021, 6 p.m. - June 24, 2021, 7 p.m.