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Andy Fletcher
I will cover the essentials of LTE and how the air interface works. Along the way I will identify the expected performance and throughput of a real network and compare it with the advertised speeds. LTE isn't the solution to everything and it does have limitations. Understanding them will make it easier to develop applications which operate efficiently. Those wishing to join in should mail me with a list of topics about which they are interested in before the LBW. Otherwise they will hear about things which interest me :) I'll do a presentation followed by Q&A in the pub afterwards for those who want more information. Topics covered subject to time/interest may include: * TDD vs FDD * Spectrum * Resource blocks and subcarrier assignment * Bearer assignment * Multicast options * Importance of C/I ratio to throughputs If there is a lot of interest and offers of free beer I can also talk about: * Modulation schemes and C/I, ratios and CQI. * Subcarrier framing and resource assignment * Cell scheduler * Cell identification and sync * 3GPP process * Public safety applications * Terminal security * DPI * Cell reselection * Internal system interfaces
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July 24, 2014, 3 p.m. - July 24, 2014, 4 p.m.
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Derek Bush, David Brooke, Tony Hoyle, Dave Lambley, David Crye, John Carrick Smith, Anika Kehrer, Dan Kolb, Jason Irwin