microbrewery U čápa
Organised by
Vladislav Kurz
This trip will begin with a ride to Tanvald (by bus and train), and we'll walk back to Harrachov. Map is here: https://mapy.cz/s/kufopucela On this trip we'll visit: - museum of the gratest Czech Jara Cimrman, with modern lookout tower - microbrewery with pub u Čápa - classic lookout tower Štěpánka - museum of WWII fortifications Total length is 15 km, with the option to get on a bus after 8 and 10 km. So if we spend too much time in the pub^H^H^H museums, we can shorten the trip and catch a bus back to Harrachov. If timetables won't change, bus is leaving at 9:35
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