A lap of the TT course
Organised by
Jason Irwin
Trying to pick-up some of the TT vibe (seeing as I'll never get to the IoM in race week), I'm going to so a lap of the current TT course. Rather boringly by the car, but it does mean I can take 3 with me easily enough. Not planning on trying to be a lap record (which would be a feat in 1.4 Astra...) and plenty of opportunities to stop, take pics etc. Duration of the TT lap is a bit unknown, it certainly won't be a 17 minute championship beating time!
This activity is currently scheduled for:
Aug. 3, 2016, 10 a.m. - Aug. 3, 2016, 11 a.m.
There are 5 people registered for this activity:
Heike Jurzik, Anika Kehrer, Julian Ross, Jim Hague, Eva-Maria Patzewitz